Audio/Visual Resource Library

The Diocese of Rochester Department of Evangelization and Catechesis maintains a resource library for parish and community use. The resources library contains thousands of titles for use in a variety of parish/community programming.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the AV Resource Center

What is the Resource Center?The Resource Center is a library of audio-visual materials for all ages that cover many of the concepts of the Catholic faith. It is operated by the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester.

Who is it for?The Resource Center exists to provide parishes and institutions of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester with materials to support life-long faith formation. All staff persons and volunteers within a subscribing parish or institution are eligible to borrow materials from the Center.

How does a parish or institution subscribe to the Resource Center?Membership in the Resource Center is available to parishes, schools and institutions of the Diocese of Rochester. Members pay an annual fee for unlimited borrowing of materials. This fee is based on parish registration or type of institution, i.e.: school, Newman Center, prison ministry.

How much does a subscription cost?The cost of using the Center is based on parish size. It can range from $50.00 up to $150.00 depending on the size of the individual parish. The cost for a school subscription is $100.00.

How can the Resource Center help me in my ministry?If you are: a catechetical leader, a catechist, a Catholic schoolteacher, a youth minister, a small group leader (Bible study, Small Christian Community, bereavement, etc.), coordinator of adult faith formation, liturgy director, etc. the Center can help you. There is a variety of materials that may be used to support many of the programs or experiences that you provide. You may also want to use the Center to preview materials for possible purchase from a particular publisher.

How do I request the materials I want?Materials may be requested by contacting Sr. Connie Derby, the AV Resource Librarian for the Diocese.  Materials should be ordered as early as possible to insure availability. All orders will be confirmed by telephone or e-mail.

How are materials received and returned?Members may pick up materials directly from the Center on the day prior to use and return them on the day following the last showing (exclusive of weekends). Members may have their materials shipped via UPS to arrive one day prior to use and pick-up for return the day following the last showing (weekends are excluded). Return labels and call tag service for pick-up are initiated from the Resource Center. Please cooperate by having your materials ready for pick-up on the scheduled date to prevent inconvenience to the next borrower. One-half of the charges for this service are billed annually. When returning materials please rewind, and return the video(s) in the package provided. Include all parts of the order, i.e., guides, scripts, work books.

What do I need to know about the fair use of materials in the Resource Center?All Resource Center materials are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or used in any way that violates this law. All television rights are reserved. Admission cannot be charged for showing nor can showings be advertised for the purpose of raising money. This also applies to video courses for adult education and catechist formation. Users assume full responsibility for violations of copyright laws.